Thursday, July 21, 2005


A 28 year-old English instructor was arrested in Fukuoka on Friday for brawling with the owner of a popular coffee shop. Cerard Gaheny, an ex-pat from Ireland, "regarded the owner's ribs with his elbows and made poking motions at his left eye," an eye witness claims. Gaheny claims that his actions were brought on by the unacceptable behaviour of the shop owner, who, in the Irishman's words, "wants fucking milking".

The same eye witness reports that Gaheny asked for a coffee without cream, to which the shop owner said that they hadn't any cream, so would he like coffee without milk instead. Gaheny allegedly seemed angered by this and repeated his order, but the owner reportedly wouldn't back down and insisted that if he wanted his coffee, he would have to order it without milk, as opposed to without cream. Then the fighting began.

Mercifully, five policemen were walking past just seconds after the incident and were quick to break things up. After apologising profusely to the shop owner, they escorted Gaheny to Fukuoka Central Police Station, where he awaits charges. The shop owner refused to make any comment.


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