Thursday, July 21, 2005


The Omuta branch of a well-known curry house chain has been slammed by a visiting foreign dignitary, who has charged the company with "gross bureaucracyism and babyish antics." England born Judge, Sir Gene Bammon, has vowed to start legal procedings against the curry chain, and make sure the same thing doesn't happen again.

On business in the sleepy town, Sir Bammon claims that he ordered a regular curry from the chef, but as he had eaten a substantial breakfast, asked that the rice be left out. The chef reportedly refused, quoting company regulation 25a, part 2, paragraph 4, that "(rice) shall be served with every meal of the curry variation, and shall be no less than 105g..."

Amused more than anything, Bammon agreed and was served with his curry, with the rice in a separate bowl, weighing exactly 105g. Bammon refused to eat the rice, but it seemed that the company's honour had been satisfied. It was only when Bammon came to pay that things took a turn for the worse.

According to Bammon, the chef charged him an extra 100 yen for the rice, which he refused to accept, on the grounds that he hadn't eaten it and didn't even want it in the first place. The chef's attempts to cite the company's manual were cut short as Bammon allegedly called the chef's parentage into question. The chef remained adamant, and by now a crowd of people had gathered to see what was going on. Being already late for an important engagement, Bammon claims he agreed to pay the bill, a not unreasonable 800 yen. Spying two 100 yen coins on the top of the cash register, Bammon gave the chef a 1000 yen note, and went to take the two coins. This is when things "went really salad", as an eye witness noted afterward.

The chef reportedly refused to let Bammon have the coins, and opened the cash register. He placed the note in the tray and closed the register. Then he opened the register again, picked up the two coins, placed them in the register and closed it. He then allegedly opened the register for a third time, took out the same two coins and handed them to an enraged Bammon, along with his receipt.

Having witnessed this, Bammon reportedly threw "something of a hissy fit" and "started tugging at his whiskers". The chef's integrity was called into question, and Bammon stormed out in a foul temper, only to return a few moments later to get his forgotten briefcase.

Whether or not the case goes to court remains to be seen.


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