Friday, July 22, 2005


Downtown Kurume was brought to a standstill on Wednesday, as protesters flocked to the streets in droves to protest the actions of a local girl. According to word of mouth, the girl in question, 25 year-old Yuko Tanushimaru, is responsible for all the chaos. "She referred to her mother in law's rice as 'good, really good' instead of the correct answer of 'delicious!!'. Understandably, people here are furious," seethed protester-in-chief, Suzuka Honda.

With traffic piling up and an angry mob forming, the police stepped in to break things up, and by 11 pm there were only a few dozen hardcore protesters left in a well-coordinated sitdown protest outside The Cakers Donuterie. "We will see justice served," Honda continued, defiantly, "this is an issue that won't and can't be brushed aside."

Tanushimaru was unavailable for comment.


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