Monday, November 21, 2005


A Kurume branch of the popular 100 yen shop chain Daiso has made the headlines this week, after an instore fistfight between the store manager and a Canadian ELT teacher.
According to eyewitness reports, Rinda Rinder, 25, who was born in Calgary, became visibly angry when 43 year old Ryuonna Tokunaga refused to let her put her goods in the basket on the counter. Rinder was told that as the basket in question was used by the previous customer, she was unauthorised to use it, and would have to go and get her own. When Rinder pointed out that she only wanted to buy a lightbulb, and thus wouldn't need a basket, Tokunaga apparently made a derisive comment and told her to go and fetch one.
At this, the Canadian allegedly threw a left at the store clerk, who in turn grabbed the younger woman's pigtails and, in the words of an onlooker, "tugged them passionately". The same eyewitness reported that a pensioner tried to intervene, but was floored by a "professional" right from the bellowing Canadian.
When police arrived at the scene 6 hours later, they found the two slugglishly wrestling in the miso soup bowl aisle, and it was a further 3 hours before their fingers could be extricated from eachothers hair.
A trial of some sort is expected to begin in the new year.


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