Tuesday, July 26, 2005


There was a fracas in the Kurume branch of electronics superstore DaiYama on Friday afternoon, when a foreign shopper accused a shop staff member of being "facetious and lacking any kind of common sense."

Kurume-based English teacher, Ben Treeskin, alleges that he asked DaiYama employee, Sato Kyojima, to show him their range of multi-region DVD players.

"He told me that no such thing existed in the world, and that I was mistaken," the Englishman fumed. "I politely told him that I have one in England and know for a fact that they are commonplace across The States and Europe, but he just kept saying the same thing."

Things turned bizarre moments later, when Treeskin found not one but three multi-region DVD players on display, some 10 feet from the rigidly unmoving Kyojima.

"I pointed them out to him, but he refused to look at them, first saying that he had something in his eye, and then, when I lifted the box to his face, he told me that the company had made a spelling mistake."

"I suppose writing 'THIS DVD PLAYER PLAYS ALL REGION DVDS!', 'ALL-REGION DVD PLAYER!' and 'ANY REGION OK!' instead of 'JAPANESE DVDS ONLY!' is an easy mistake to make," Treeskin added, dryly.


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