Tuesday, September 13, 2005


It should have been a routine 5 minute stop at a local convenience store, but for English conversation teacher Hose Jansaphine it turned into "a nightmare, a pure bloody nightmare". Bystanders report that Mr Jansaphine asked for a 2kg pack of ice cubes, to which the attendant, jogging back and forth from the freezer, brought the dumbfounded customer 2000 individually wrapped ice cubes, one at a time. Despite requesting for a single bag of the cubes, the attendant seemed determined to carry out his duties "as befits the status of this franchise and the quality of service that we all enjoy", a spokesman for the store said yesterday.

Mr Jansaphine is reported to have stormed out of the store after half an hour, leaving the attendant to his duties, which, if eyewitness reports are to be believed, carried on for a further 5 hours.


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