Friday, July 22, 2005


Preparations are being made for the 402nd annual sports festival between local cities Kurume and Omuta, in a rivalry that goes back to the time of the Tokugawa Shogunate. Last year, Omuta pulled off yet another victory to reduce their arrears to a repectable sounding 196 - 206, bringing them their 10th straight victory.

Hisorically Kurume has always been marginally stronger, although it's modernisation and urban growth has hampered its prowess in recent times, and Omuta has prospered in the very local-minded games. Fukuoka city man Sho Akaboshi, this years Grand Score Keeper, provided some predictions for the festival. "Expect Kurume to dominate the more modern events - 'The Salaryman Teeth Sucking', 'The Beautiful Girl Overreacting to Mundane News', and 'Dressing like a Whore in the Dark' to name three. For the traditional events, Omuta seem stronger than ever and will be hard to beat. In particular, they are looking to set new records in 'The Reiteration of the State of the Weather', 'The Gratuitious Use of the Word Delicious', 'Open-mouthed Staring' and 'Identical Old Ladies in Identical Hats'. I predict a convincing win for Omuta yet again."

The festival begins on August 20th and concludes on the 31st.


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