Friday, July 22, 2005


Maverick architect-cum-artiste, Same-chan Ichibishi, has "stepped over the line, with both feet," according to Kitakyushu residents opposed to his latest project. The 36 year old Kitakyushu native has drawn up plans to build a giant chess game over the city of his birth.

"I plan to personally oversee the construction of two vast marble schoolgirls, who will sit above our city in an epic battle of the board," Ichibishi said to the press yesterday. "The unique layout of Kitakyushu means that it can become the board in this game, with prominent buildings as some of the pieces. In fact, one of the schoolgirls will have her fingers on City Hall, preparing to move it to kings pawn five to consolidate her king side attack, as it were."

As the opposition gathers momentum, Ichibishi would be advised to remember his last project in the city, Paradise Beneath the Waves, which was universally derided and cost the artiste much of his family fortune.


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