Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Kurume Post Office, controversially closed earlier this year after a case of foreigner mistaken identity, has reopened in a new location. Situated on the 10th floor of the Soyama building in Jojima town, the new Post Office will carry out all the duties of the old one, but a number of new changes have angered local residents in droves. Local shop owner Yatsukeru Mushitachi was vocal in his condemnation for the new system when he spoke to reporters yesterday.

"I had to take an afternoon off work, drove to Jojima town, then discovered that the building was closed. When I returned the next week, after taking another afternoon off, I found that there were no elevators, so I traipsed up 10 flights of stairs, and found myself in a ten foot by ten foot room with around 60 other customers, with one person serving behind the counter. When I was eventually served, I was told that in accordance with the new protocol, my credentials needed to be checked, and that I should come back in 4 months. When I asked for a timetable of their opening hours, I was refused - apparently as a safety measure. I only wanted to send some christmas cards, but now I have to wait until March to be able to send them."

An interview was sought with the new chief of Kurume Post Office, but there was noone available to answer their phone.


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