Thursday, February 09, 2006


An ALT working at a private Highschool in Fukuoka prefecture has been sacked this week, following an administrative error that has meant the rescheduling of hundreds of Junior Highschool entrance exams.

The teacher, Ken Misterken, who had been working at Willow River High for 9 months, spoke to this reporter yesterday and offered the following statement:

"I have been fired for no good reason, though I must say that I'm not sorry to be leaving. Despite genuinely enjoying teaching some of the students, the vast majority of my time here has been one long exercise in misery. I have nothing more to say."

A very different statement was offered by Mrs Hyakusencho Ryu, the head of administrative accounts:

"Mr Misterken used an orange pen to mark the student exams he was given, instead of the mandatory red. We were therefore forced into an untenable position and had no option but to terminate his contract."

Things worsened for the school when a number of valid exam papers were mistakenly destroyed with those marked by Misterken, allegedly as it was virtually impossible to distinguish the dark orange ink from the red. This error means that the whole exam process will have to be rescheduled and held again, at tremendous cost to both the school and local community.

When asked what he was planning to do about future employment, Misterken simply said that he would rather "lap milk from a pig's arse" than teach at a highschool again.


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