Friday, February 03, 2006


By their very nature, Highschool teachers meetings can be long and rather drab, but a public highschool in Kurume has well and truly taken the cake this week.

When the 50 teachers of Chintukku Highschool assembled on Monday for their 8.30am meeting, little did they know that come Thursday evening they would still be there. Having survived with no food or drink for almost 86 hours, and like his colleagues never once moving from his seat, English teacher Tasoru Judojo issued the following statement this afternoon:

"Well, it was Monday morning, and having just bowed and sat down we were given a short address by the Principal. After this, one of the teachers asked the Principal a question about the school budget. Settling back in his chair, the Principal said "Let me think about that for a moment" and closed his eyes. So we all waited patiently for his response, which never came. It wasn't until Thursday evening that we considered the possibility of something being amiss, and after a discussion one of the teachers examined the Principal and found that he was dead."

When asked why noone had thought to check on the Principal before, Judojo said that it was quite common for him to take a few minutes to compose his thoughts and that it would be unthinkable for anyone to disturb him. Despite spending such an inordinate amount of time sitting down, Judojo said that he would be more than willing to do it again, if the new Principal required it.

Chintukku's ALT, Australian born Ade LeDia, who was absent from work all week with influenza, gave a slightly different analysis, which is not suitable for print.


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