Thursday, February 16, 2006


A bank robber trying to rob a Fukuoka branch of the Heehee Nippon Bank was arrested yesterday. 40 year old Hokuto Shinken, a resident of the city, is said to have walked into the bank and queued for about 5 minutes. At the counter, he then placed his starting pistol on the table and calmly asked the clerk to put all the money "in a bag of her choice". The clerk is then said to have pointed out to the man that the bank can only deal with registered customers, so would he mind filling out an application form and coming back in the morning.

Incredibly, he agreed, and when he left the bank, he was apprehended by two police officers that were tipped off by suspicious colleagues when the gun wielding man first walked in.

A lengthy prison term is expected to accompany the red face when the trial begins next month.


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