Thursday, March 09, 2006


A local high school teacher is in hospital this week, having broken his leg during an unorthodox morning meeting. 55 year old Mentaiko Ketsuyama, a mathematics teacher at Kazushodan Senior High School in Chikushino, suffered multiple fractures after he sidestepped a table and slipped on the slippery floor.

However, all is not as it seems, as there was in fact no table. With all the tables being used in the school gym to accomodate the hundreds of Junior High School students there for an open campus, the teachers found themselves with only chairs. Despite the Principal's suggestion that orderly rows be formed, there was a general agreement that the chairs should be set out exactly as they always were, which took "a considerable amount of time and meant the meeting didn't start until well after 10am," according to Ketsuyama.

With the chairs in the correct positions, the meeting could begin, and it was then announced that there were no announcements, and so sorry, the teachers should have been informed by email that a meeting wasn't scheduled for today. With most of the teachers leaving immediately, the Mathematics Department elected to stay on to discuss important departmental issues, which couldn't wait. When they finally decided to leave, Ketsuyama "started to make a slow jog towards the door, but then he seemed to panic and tried to avoid the imaginary table in front of him, slipping on the floor and landing awkwardly on his leg," claims eye witness and fellow teacher Ieyasu Tamago.

With Ketsuyama out of action until the end of term, Kazushodan Principal Niteru Aramaki told this reporter that "every precaution will be taken in the future, but accidents do happen".


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